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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A custom Disney Sleeping Beauty Prince Philip costume

My husband was a sweetheart and was actually willing to dress up for the Disney costume party. I didn't want to push my luck so I needed to choose a pair of characters that I liked but would have a very simple costume for him.  For instance, he couldn't be Beast and wear a mask all night... or worse Hercules and have to wear a toga!  No, I was going to need to incorporate regular clothes like jeans to ensure he wouldn't be too uncomfortable... and be more likely to dress up for our next costume party ;)

So we decided to be Rose and Philip from Sleeping Beauty during their first meeting in the forest.  Both characters were very casual during that scene yet memorable too.  I found a small picture online as my inspiration and started hunting for patterns that I could alter to be the perfect costumes.

I needed to keep it simple for Philip's costume.  I started off with the basics including jeans and a long sleeve colored black shirt.  Then I made a tan tunic and pulled it all together with perfect accessories!

The Tunic
For the tunic I modified McCall's pattern 5500.  It has several different medieval tops with sleeves and decals. For Philip's costume I just needed a basic tunic shape. I left off all of the sleeves, collars and decals. I only used one pattern piece, option C's tunic, but didn't cut out the front slits.  During the sewing, I left the sides open about 7 inches from the bottom creating side slits.  I also deepened the neck opening to look more like the picture. I finished off all of the open edges at the neck, side and bottom with a turned under 1/2" hem.

The Accessories
To really complete the costume I had to find the perfect accessories.  It took awhile searching online to find something I liked and that my husband was willing to wear. 

After searching department stores, amazon and ebay, I was able to find the most perfect antique belt from TheJunkTrunk shop on Etsy for a reasonable price.

Daggers were much easier to find but even harder to like.  There are a lot of toy daggers on the internet at costume stores or even Amazon but they all looked like toys. I needed something aged; bright and shiny fake gold was not going to cut it.  I ended up getting a Zorro dagger thinking maybe I could paint the hilt or something to make it better.  While waiting for it to arrive from Amazon I found a foam sword at Joann's of all places.  It was in the Easter decorations and didn't have a price. It was a random item but I knew my husband would love it.  When I brought it home that night he grabbed it and started playing with it.  It was perfect! But... it had a bright neon yellow foam hilt... definitely not aged enough for me.  I went into my art supply stash and found some gold metallic acrylic paint.  I couldn't brush on the paint to the foam so I used sponge brushes and dabbed the gold paint on it liberally.  Once it dried it looked amazing!  Some of the yellow showed through and other places were thick golden paint.  I gave it one more coat to even things out and told my husband he couldn't play with it again until it was completely dry. The dagger never even made it to the party.

Like what you see?
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  1. thank you for the costumes......i got an idea from this website......!!!!!!!