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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Custom Cover for an Ikea Henriksdal chair

Since we got married, we've had the leaf in our table to accommodate all of our house guests and have been using folding chairs for the extra chairs. It is about time the dinning table grew up! So this weekend I purchased 2 Ikea Henriksdal chairs for the ends of the table. The chair is about $60 and you can buy different covers for $10 to $30 based on the fabric.  But why not make your own custom cover to fit your decor?

1 $10 Ikea Gobo White cover
Large paper, like wax or wrapping paper or paper grocery bag

2.75 yards of 54" fabric (more if matching stripes)
0.25 yard of muslin or simple cotton
4 yards of 1 to 1.5" velcro... just the loop (soft side) only

  1. Decide if you want to dismantle the Gobo White cover or trace it and add the seam allowance.  I wanted to keep my white covers so I measured and traced the pattern pieces with the cover intact onto large paper. You should end up with 6 pattern pieces: Back, Back Rest, Back Flap, Seat Top, Seat Side, Seat Front.
  2. Layout patterns on your cover fabric. Cut 1 of Back, Back Rest, Seat Top, and Seat Front with the  pattern pointing up paying attention to match stripes.  Cut 2 Seat Sides with the fabric pattern perpendicular to the pattern piece.
  3. Cut 1 Back Flap in muslin or simple cotton.
  4. Back Flap, Seat Sides and Front
  5. Cut velcro (loop tape only) based on your patterns for Back, Back Flap, 2 Seat Sides, and Seat Front.
  6. With the Back Flap, finish the edges with zigzag stitch or serger. Sew on velcro loop tape on 1 long side.
  7. With the Back, sew on velcro loop tape on wrong side. Narrow hem around leg curves.
  8. With 2 Seat Sides, sew on velcro loop tape on wrong side. Narrow hem around leg curves and 1.5" to 2" back edge.
  9. With Seat Front, sew on velcro loop tape on wrong side. Narrow hem around leg curves.
  10. With right sides together, sew Seat Sides to Seat Front, connecting leg curves.
  11. Match up Seat Front and Seat Top centers and pin Seat Sides/Front to Seat Top with right sides together. Sew.
  12. Back Flap, Back Rest and Seat
  13. With right sides together, pin Back Rest on top of Seat Top and pin Back Flap (with velcro on top) on top of Back Rest. Sew, reinforcing entire seam by sewing it two or three times.
  14. Back and Back Rest
  15. The Back is wider and shorter than the Back Rest so it will elegantly wrap around the back of the chair.  Mark centers of Back and Back Rest.  With right sides together, pin pieces together starting at leg curves and straight edges. Pin pieces at top center and pin top curves. Sew, reinforcing curves.
  16. Sew, reinforcing curves, the Back to back ends of Front Sides.
  17. Back Leg Curves
  18. Turn out and put cover over chair as shown on Ikea instructions: slip back over chair back, tuck back flap between bottom of chair back and chair seat, attach velcro.  Attach Back velcro to underside of chair back.  Slide down Seat and attach Seat Sides and Seat Front velcros to underside of seat chair.
Like what you see?
This tutorial showcased my main springtime decor fabric. Take a look at the other ways we used this fabric to decorate the house for springtime!

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  1. Did you use 2.75 yards of fabric for one or both chairs?

  2. Erin,
    That is 2.75 yards of 54" for two chair covers. I've never measured just 1 chair cover, but I would expect if you are only making one you would need to get about 1.75 to 2 yards to accommodate all the large pieces and pattern specific placement. If you are going to use 42-44" fabric then you'll need to get 3.5 or more yards because you'll have to open the fabric up to cut the larger Back piece.

    Hope this helps!

  3. wow! you have so inspired me to recover my chairs. I have 10 chairs though. Can I be cheeky and ask if you can please share the measurements of the template?

    1. Tammy,
      Glad I inspired you to enhance your chairs with custom covers.

      The templates all have curves and strange nooks. Really the best way to do it, especially if you have so many! Is to purchase a cheap cover like the Gobo and carefully remove the seams so you can use each piece as the pattern template.