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Monday, August 6, 2012

Design Studio Update

Unused craft space from June 2011
Over a year ago I shared how you can build out your craft room or design studio for under $1,000 at Ikea.  I've loved using my ultra-functional and totally-beautiful work space but found the random extra pieces of furniture to be a bit combersome when breaking down the room for guests.  Each time we have visitors a bookcase, dress form and quite a few totes have to be moved next door into our office.

I decided to get some white Ikea Billy bookcases to utilize unused vertical space against the window. Not only do the white Billy bookcases look great with the rest of the room they are cheaper than the other color options. I only spent about $155 only spent on the 5 new bookcases! (That's a pretty great selling point if you got to convince your husband to let you update your craft room -- Ikea is much cheaper than Craft-specific furniture out there.)  I also invested in more black Kassett boxes to organize everything in.  This set up has 2 great advantages for serious sewers... the thin bookcases are great for holding bolts of fabric and the Kassett hanging file box is just wide enough to hold patterns. I also love the adjustable shelves so I can configure perfect spaces for boxes or organize and show off colorful supplies like fat quarters and skeins of yarn.

Update with Ikea Billy bookcases and more labeled boxes

Updated Design Studio.  It only looks this clean after Guests leave ;)

Once its time for guests to visit transforming this Design Studio is very simple.  The sewing machine fits tucked away in the desk alcove. The main work space is a gate table which breaks down to a very low profile and serves as a night stand for guests.  We carefully vacuum the floor several times to ensure all stray pins have been found before filling up a high queen inflatable bed.  Its not as nice as a real bed, but with some egg shell padding its pretty comfortable. Not too comfortable... you don't want guests to stay too long and keep you away from your current crafting projects ;)

Craft Room transformed into Guest Room

Want this craft room or design studio for your self?  Visit my first post about how to create a craft room or design studio for under $1,000 at Ikea.

1 comment:

  1. I think it would be more comfortable to sit if you add an Adils leg (or any other from Ikea) instead of a gateleg. Just unscrew it when guests are coming.