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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seasonal Decorating: Patriotic Celebrations

Patriot Decorations
4th of July is a big holiday for my family. It's Jeanine's second favorite holiday beat only by Thanksgiving. Even though she always hosts the 4th of July BBQ I still wanted to celebrate our Independence with our decorations.

Joann's has some beautiful patriotic fabric, so much in fact that we purchased enough to make some placemats to sell online. I first selected a the same Patchwork Americana fabric we used on this Historic Barbie Dress but I fell in love with the Inspirational Patriotic fabric with words in old font styles which lead to the fun vintage Pinwheel fabric. Because the Inspirational fabric has so many patriotic sentiments besides Independence day I think these decorations will be out from Memorial Day to 4th of July.

Patriotic Mantle with red, white and blue Love sign and stars. 
Bookcase decorations with the L-O-V-E jar.
Arm Chair and Round Decorative Table
Patriotic Pillows
Table set for a family dinner

Check back for our next holiday decorations: Summer by the Sea
What I love about our decorations is how with a few changes, I can change the colors and feel of our home.  I can switch the pillow cases, placemats, colored candles, LOVE jar items, and stars with the next season's decorations.

Our next season I'll be decorating for is Summer.  My husband and I had our first date in August so I'll be decorating with beachy stripes and prints (similar to our first anniversary quilt) to remind us of those great first moments in our relationship.


  1. Wonderful decorations... Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday of the year, with Thanksgiving being first. ~ jeff

  2. My favorite holiday is Christmas probably because everything gets transformed, especially in Southern California, into a winter wonderland. I love the smell of fresh cut trees, all the twinkle lights and the carols.

    I don't think Thanksgiving is as important to me as my mom Jeanine since she always has family over for it. I might get more into it if I was hosting. Actually she and I went fabric shopping last night and got more Christmas and Thanksgiving fabric! I'm gonna try to make some cute stuffed pumpkins to decorate my house for harvest time.