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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seasonal Decorating: Summer by the Sea

My husband and I had our first date in August. We spent most of our first months together driving up and down PCH, walking around Dana Point Harbor or Huntington Beach Pier.  We even said our first "I love you"s while walking around Alamitos Bay Marina. On the first anniversary of our first date I gave him a unique one-of-a-kind quilt filled with symbolism and with an ocean theme. So the beach and ocean have been very significant for us... what better way to continue celebrating our love and memories then decorate the house with an ocean theme for August and September?

Our 'sea' of pillows featuring sea, shells, sand and stripes.

The mantle decorated with shells and two adorable sea turtles.

Bookcase and L-O-V-E jar with shells and candles.

More shells, stripes, and candles decorate the table.

Check back for our next holiday decorations: Wedding Anniversary
What I love about our decorations is how with a few changes, I can change the colors and feel of our home. I can switch the pillow cases, placemats, colored candles, LOVE jar items, and stars with the next season's decorations.

Our next seasonal decoration change will be for October the month my husband and I got married. We'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary by decorating the house with our wedding colors and theme. I've already bought the fabric, now I just need to sew everything ;)

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