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Friday, March 18, 2011

March 2011 Craft Day: Parfaits

Every month or so we host a Craft Day for our friends to get together to talk and craft. At the last Craft Day I served simple yet delicious parfaits. They are great for parties because they are simple to prepare, don't make much of a mess, and look great when you're trying to show off to guests.

Parfaits look best in multiple layers of fruit, yogurt, fruit and sprinkled with granola served in glass bowls, like Pier1's mini trifle bowls.


Plain or Vanilla low-fat Yogurt
Low-fat Granola
Basket of Strawberries
Basket of Blueberries
Basket of Blackberries

Wash all berries.
Cut off strawberry tops.
Cut strawberries into smaller than bite size pieces.
I turn them upside down, with their stem side down, cut in half long ways, then cut 3-5 slices on each side.
Mix all berries together.
Serve berries, granola, and yogurt in individual bows.
Provide bowls for guests to construct their own parfaits.

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