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Monday, March 21, 2011

Disney Costume Party: Birthday Celebration!

Creative Tradition's Jenn and Jeanine
I've been mentioning on Facebook that our current projects were costumes for a Disney Birthday Celebration for the baby of the family.  She's been our Princess since she was born and wanted to really celebrate it for her 20th birthday.  She's been wanting a dress-up party (did I mention she is 20?) for the past several years but kept getting it pushed off due to sibling weddings and babies being born.  

The costumes, and the party, were a great success!  In total we assembled 6 costumes, 4 of which were designed and sewn within three weeks.  I'll be breaking down the costumes over the next few blog posts and share how you can make your own costumes using the same patterns

Creative Tradition Costumes
The Princess in a custom Cinderella ball gown.
The Hostess, Creative Tradition's own seamstress Jeanine Bass,  in a custom Minnie Mouse apron.
The Photographer (as a Tourist) in an eclectic collection of Disney wear and camera equipment.
The Party Planner, me, in a custom peasant Rose dress from Sleeping Beauty.
The Party Decorator, my husband, in a custom Prince Philip ensemble.
"I-don't-have-a-costume" Party-goer in a previously created kimono.

1 comment:

  1. Princess costumes are the way to go for girls, everyone loves them still...years later