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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Cinderella Costume fit for a Princess!

This year we made several costumes for a Disney Birthday Celebration for the baby of the family. She's been our Princess since she was born and wanted to really celebrate it for her 20th birthday.  She's been wanting a dress-up party (did I mention she is 20?) for the past several years and finally talked me into it (so I could talk our mom, Jeanine, into it).

As we do with most of our Creative Tradition special orders and new products, I shopped for the fabrics, patterns and trim then Jeanine would sew everything.  We were really lucky with the fabric. We discovered a Joann's store that was going out of business. We couldn't shop till the weekend since it was a bit of a drive... but EVERYTHING was 90% off.  The trick was we couldn't cut fabric... we had to buy the entire bolt!  That means you would get 10 yards of fabric for the price of 1 yard!  I think we only spent $15 on all three fabric to make the dress. That same trip inspired us to start making our Me and My Barbie dresses.

Cinderella's Dress
The Princess was inspired by a costume photo she found online of a Cinderella dress that was similar to Disney but more adult with out being inappropriate.  To achieve the same look, we used 3 different patterns and 3 different fabrics (satin, sheer glitter, and lining).

For the skirt and side drapes we used Simplicity 3723. We made the side drapes with the sheet on top of the satin to add some Princess sparkle to them.

To make the skirt fuller we made a tulle slip using Simplicity 4731.  It needed 15 yards of tulle so we bought it online on Etsy at a very reasonable price.  Definitely look there if you are trying to find supplies in bulk online, its like shopping at your local store instead of a box store.

The bodice was the trickest part to make. We used Butterick 4131 bodice D with sleeves B.  The sleeves and bodice insert used the same sheer on satin to get the sparkle while the rest of the bodice was in just satin.  The hardest part of the sewing was attaching the bodice to the skirt as they came from different patterns where the notches didn't match.  Thankfully I didn't have to do it!  Sometimes it's really nice to just be the Designer ;)

The Accessories
My sister finished her outfit with a simple choker I made, similar to the Disney Cinderella, a Halloween Marie Antoinette wig with simple black headband and a pair of acryllic platform shoes. She also had a pair of gloves for the party, but we could only find 1 of them for the photoshoot.

Like what you see?
You can use this information to create your own costume or contact us to find out how to custom order your own Creative Tradition costume.

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